For those who have no background in the game, this course introduces the game of bridge and the basic principles of playing, including bidding.


For those who have attended the beginners course, this course extends the knowledge of the game, adding some useful tools (such as transfer bids, cue-bids, weak twos), to build the confidence of the player, as they move from beginner to the next level.


For those who have grasped the basics but are seeking to build their game to become a better player, both in the bidding and play of the cards. We focus on a number of key aspects of both defence and declarer play and extend our repertoire of bidding techniques, in order to improve the technical prowess of the player.


For those coming back to the game or seeking formal tuition for the first time, this course seeks to refresh the memory and ensures that the player is aware of current best practices.  This course is adaptable to the specific needs of the player(s).

Competitive Bidding

For those who have grasped the basics but are seeking to build their game to become a better player, especially in dealing with a competitive auction, where both sides are involved in the bidding and it becomes important to communicate effectively with your partner.  This course is especially useful for those seeking to play Duplicate bridge and introduces the student to useful techniques in evaluating your hand.

Card Play

For those seeking to improve their declarer play, we revisit some of the fundamentals to understand the differences between no-trump play and trump suit play, as well as exploring some of the key techniques such as finessing, entry management and dealing with bad breaks in a suit.


For those seeking to improve their defence, we revisit some of the basic principles, as well as investigating different approaches to defending the hand, including how to signal and discard effectively.


Lessons and opportunities, that can be tailored to your own experiences or challenges, or simply some random pre-dealt hands.  This provides for an interactive session, with guidance and review of bidding, play and defending.

Lessons on a specific topic or convention. This will include a thorough understanding of the convention, including example opportunities to try things out.